Malvasia e Cabernet Sauvignon

Castelvecchio’s wines are characterized by an innate elegance and a specificity that tells the story of the Karst at each sip.

The company has long been known especially for the quality of its red wines, from Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon to Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Terrano. The latter is a grape which was already known at the time of the ancient Romans with the name of Pucinum. Thanks to a more consolidated knowledge of the company’s soils and vineyards, today the production of white wines has increased. The focus is on three varieties: the indigenous Vitovska (the vine that faces from the Karst towards the Slovenian border) and Malvasia (the vine that faces from the Karst towards the Adriatic Sea), as well as Sauvignon, which found in the Karst soil the essential limestone base that made it so successful elsewhere.

In the best vintages, the company produces Dileo selections and the Sagrado Rosso. These are the historic family cuvée where our wines find their maximum expression.

Other products

The soil of the Karst, difficult but generous, allows us to produce other products.