The land of the Karst, sometimes hard but always generous, allows us to produce the following additional products.

Olio Extra Vergine

Castelvecchio’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of 8 varieties of olive trees. 30% of the 700 plants are Bianchera, typical of the Karst. The harvest is done by hand in November and the olives undergo a single cold pressing. Each of our bottles contains 100% extra virgin olive oil with a slightly bitter and spicy taste (intensely fruity). The gentle slope from which our olive trees overlook the sea was called the mountain of the “Olivars” in the early 1600s. Historical evidence confirms the olive-growing vocation of our territory.

Red Vermouth Rosso

Our Riposo del Soldato is an elegant vermouth, born from the idea of ​​enhancing our red wine and create a unique product. With this vermouth the vitality of the wine is accompanied by classic aromatic and botanical plants of the Friuli and Karst tradition. To achieve this result we use a greater amount of wine than in traditional vermouths and no chemical stabilizers or preservatives are added. The ingredients are simply: Castelvecchio red wine, pure grain alcohol, sugar and aromatic herbs.


Castel Rosè is sparkling wine from red Terrano grapes vinified in pink, ideal to accompany aperitifs and fish-based dishes. It is obtained with a light pressing and slow fermentation, the second fermentation takes place with a long Charmat method for about 6 months. A further refinement of 2 months in bottle makes this Brut Rosè even more refined and elegant.