The vinification follows our agronomic philosophy. Alcoholic fermentation takes place with the enzymes produced by the yeasts contained in the grape must. Even in difficult years, our wines, which have a high alcohol content and high content of polyphenols, ferment with their indigenous biological yeasts. This guarantees structure and aromas typical of the territory and a constant quality. There are no added exogenous yeasts in compliance with the search for the expressiveness of the vines in relation to the terroir of origin. Even in the evolution of wines we respect their maturation times by placing the bottles on the market after an adequate period of aging and rest.

The oenological company structure is characterized by the modern cellar and the historic barrique cellar, where the refinement of red wines takes place. In the modern cellar the grapes are brought in and the first processing takes place. In the adjacent rooms there are the steel tanks for the fermentation of white and red wines and for the conservation of white wines. Bottling and aging complete the processing cycle.

The barrique cellar or historic cellar is built within the base of an ancient tower, close to the Venetian Villa. This evocative environment has been renovated and used as a refining room for red wines, which rest in French and Slavonian oak barrels, with different capacities. The duration of the ageing in wood varies according to the vintage and the type of wine.