Our farming tradition has prompted us to cultivate the soil in accordance with the good practices in use in the agriculture of our ancestors: respectful of the groundwater, emissions and of the natural fertilisers that are given to the land. Sustainability is the heritage that we want to pass to future generations in the hope that today’s efforts will turn into significant benefits in the due time.

We intensify the fertility of the soil, through a series of good natural and bio-dynamic agronomic practices, helping the roots of the vines to go deeper into the limestone rocks to collect the minerals and organic elements that characterize the wines of the Karst.

We had to have special machinery built, adapted to the Karst soil. The new machines break up the rocky soil to improve its levels of humidity. The grass mowers that clean the area under the vines do so without damaging the irrigation supporting the plants and move the grassy and stony surface to aerate the soil. The machine also plow the soil substrate and stones to allow for the addition of green manure which enriches the land with purely organic fertilisers.

Even the preparation of the soil for planting of new vines takes place using special equipment. The machinery in some cases has to pierce rock and dig deep trenches where the new cuttings are placed.