Leopoldo, an entrepreneur originally from Lombardia, is the president of the company and the architect to the development of the estate.

His wife Mirella is a member of the National Association of Women in Wine and Women of Oil, an active member of the Duchy of Wines of the FVG, of the National Association of Venetian Villas and of the Amici di Castelnuovo Association and she is also is in charge of the renovation of the estate.

The children Lorenzo, Benedetta and Isabella are dedicated to marketing operations and activities related to tourism and farm holidays, while Isabella’s husband, Luca is entrusted with the commercial development of the estate.

All the collaborators who have been working with passion and dedication for years in the office, in the countryside and in the cellar for agronomic management are also part of the Castelvecchio family.

In recent years,  new members have arrived in the family who live immersed in the nature of Castelvecchio in a microcosm of flora and fauna for them to discover.