Thanks to a more consolidated knowledge of the company’s soils and vineyards, today the production of white wines has increased, concentrating on three varieties in particular: the native Vitovska (the vine facing from the Karst towards the Slovenian hinterland) and Malvasia (the facing that from the Karst towards the Adriatic Sea), as well as the Sauvignon vine, which in the soil of the Karst found the precious limestone layer that gave it its importance elsewhere.


Vitovska is a native vine, typical of the Karst area. Visually it is limpid with a deep straw-yellow color. The first impressions on the nose are the hints of honey, beeswax and aromatic herbs such as thyme and savory. On the palate it is dry, very mineral and with a great flavor. Very elegant both to the nose and to the palate.


The climate mitigated by the nearby sea and the characteristics of the karst soil give this Malvasia a personal identity and a superb texture. The aging in the bottle usually results in a straw color. Its particular fragrance is characterized by a light aromatic note. The flavor is elegant, lively, maliciously savory. It is an excellent complement to first courses with seafood and an ideal match for grilled fish.

Pinot Grigio

This wine is delicate and floral, with the typical elegance of a Pinot. The particular nuances of the straw-yellow color derive from the grape and its transformation process. The flavor is full and fine, with a fruity note. Suited to aperitifs to appetizers as well as light first courses: the pairings of this wine with different foods are endless.


Its characteristic aroma unmistakably recalls the grape of origin. The color is straw-yellow, the spicy scent highlights the aroma of the badger berries. The flavor is full, ripe, of great structure and slightly darkened. These strong features give this wine a great personality and make it suitable for pairings with substantial first courses and grilled fish.