Terrano Organic – Castelvecchio – Red wine – DOC Carso 2022


Our Terrano red wine stands out for the exuberance of its acidity, for the wild fragrances of raspberry and blackberry and for the typical intense ruby ​​red color with purple edges that confirm its high organoleptic qualities given by the presence of very high units of antiradical, anti-aging, polyphenols, antioxidants and antivirals. The limited tannic content and moderate alcohol content make it a medium-bodied wine ideal with charcuterie and typical Karst dishes. When this wine is drunk chilled and before aging, it will go very well with fatty fish, especially with eel.

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Terrano – Castelvecchio

Primary characteristics


Terrano Castelvecchio – DOC Carso

Production area

Castelvecchio is a part of the Karst (Carso) area in the province of Gorizia (Sagrado city). The landscape is typical of the Karst region: arid and rocky soil with a reduced stratum of red sand, but rich in iron and lime-stone. The area is constantly ventilated and influenced by the near sea.


100% Terrano.

Historical info

Terrano belongs to the family of Refosco d’Istria. This wine has beneficial effects as a medicine for the iron contribution given to the body as well as on the blood, in particular cases (child delivery ecc.) or in the presence of some pathologies such as anaemia. Well known for these properties since the Romans times with the name of Pucinum.

Harvesting and vinification

After 9 months in stainless steal containers (without malolactic fermentation), the wine remains other 3 months in bottles before release.

Sensorial features

Color Intense ruby red when young with violet tones; by maturing the colour fades down. Smell Wild scents of blackberry, bilberry, wild-cherry and plums. Taste Rather acid (for the presence of the malic acid in unaged Terrano) and a bit metallic, exuberant and lively.

Goes well with

The limited tannins and the moderate alcohol content, even if with a steady acidity, makes of Terrano a wine with an average ideal structure, appropriate for delicatessen and salted meat. When young, this wine is a perfect accompaniment to fat fishes such as eels. We
suggest serving it at 16-18°C.

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