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Sagrado Rosso – Castelvecchio – Red wine – IGT Venezia Giulia 2018


This important cuvée comes from a cuvée of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Terrano of the best vintages. The individual barrels (barriques) are selected one by one and, after aging in wood for three years, they are blended and bottled. The resutl is a rich, ethereal, balanced red wine of great softness. It is warm, velvety, suitable for demanding palates and those looking for wines with personality. Recommended for important occasions.

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Sagrado Rosso – Castelvecchio

Primary characteristics


Sagrado Rosso Castelvecchio – IGT Venezia Giulia

Production area

Castelvecchio is a part of the Karst (Carso) area in the province of Gorizia (Sagrado city). The landscape is typical of the Karst region: arid and rocky soil with a reduced stratum of red sand, but rich in iron and lime-stone. The area is constantly ventilated and influenced by the near sea.


Sagrado is a red wine resulting from the blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, 40% Cabernet Franc grapes, 10% Terrano grapes.

Harvesting and vinification

Sagrado Rosso is produced only in the best vintage years. The first production was made in 1995. After 3 years maturation in barriques and tonneaux, an accurate selection of the best wine barrels is made to produce the cuvèe, with variable percentages, from year to year.

Sensorial features

Color Color Red wine rich in texture and personality. Smell Sagrado Rosso is round and velvety, with a long finish of lovely spicy notes. Taste Peppery, warm and smooth. A great wine for demanding and knowledgeable palates

Goes well with

We suggest offering Sagrado Rosso in all important occasions and serving it at 18-20°C in large crystal balloons glasses.

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