Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Castelvecchio


Castelvecchio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of 8 varieties of olive trees. 30% of the 700 plants are Bianchera, typical of the Karst. The harvest is done by hand in November and the olives undergo a single cold pressing. Each of our bottles contains 100% extra virgin olive oil with a slightly bitter and spicy taste (intensely fruity). The gentle slope from which our olive trees overlook the sea used to be called the mountain of the “Olivars” in the early 1600s. Historical evidence documents the olive-growing vocation of our territory.

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This Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives an intense fruity and vegetal note, on the palate there is a well-balanced bitter and spicy tone. The typical note of almond and artichoke stands out when used as a condiment.

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