In the eighties were planted the first vineyards, which now extend over 40 hectares. The decisive element for the success of the grape cultivation was then, as it is now, the availability of water. Thanks in fact to the typical phenomena of this karst land, below the hard rocky surface lie natural basins in which water collects and is held. From these wells, a drip-irrigation piping system extends over countless kilometers, bringing the life-giving water to the roots of the vines.

The 120 hectares that surround the farm belong to a natural park of calcareous rock and red soil rich in ferrous minerals while the Bora wind confers healthfulness to the vineyards. These are ideal conditions for the production of supreme wines of great personalities. Besides the immense expanse of vineyards, an olive grove of 600 olive trees of different varieties provides each year a limited but excellent production of extra virgin olive and, placed at the limits of the wood, 50 hives guarantee our mineralizing and energetic honey of acacia.

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