Special Vintages

Malvasia Dileo

This new Malvasia comes from a careful selection of the best grapes Malvasia Istriana. This wine is characterized by a wider range of aromas, with floral scents that are mixed with fruit. Among all smells, aromatic herbs, sage, apple and apricot stand out. In the mouth, it is sapid and mineral with a nice fruity finish.

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Cabernet Sauvignon Dileo

This prestigious Reserve Wine is the result of careful selection of the best grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, from the "old vineyards" of Castelvecchio estate. It is a complex and full body wine. Ageing takes place in wooden barrels of different capacities (barriques and tonneau) for a period of at least 3 years. Cabernet Sauvignon Dileo is the best expression of an international vine variety within the favorable conditions of Carso terroir.

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Merlot Dileo

The Merlot of Castelvecchio, a selection of Merlot grapes, is a classic and important wine with special structure and body. The colour is deep ruby-red with some brownish shades. The intense and complex smell, is reminiscent of ripe wild red berries with a bit of a spicy note. The Merlot is persistently round, velvety and elegant to the taste, with an aromatic after taste. It is suggested for all important occasions.

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Sagrado Rosso

This great wine comes from a cuvée of our best D.O.C. Carso reds: Cabernet Franc, Turmino and Cabernet Sauvignon. During the three-year maturation in barriques and tonneaux made separately for each wine, the three varieties are carefully controlled and, after a severe selection, we assemble them with different percentages in order to make our special red cuvée. Sagrado Rosso is round and velvety, finishing on a lovely note of spice. The wine is rich in texture and personality, with a tart and peppery warmth. It is a great wine for demanding palates.

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Those who think that the pink color is only for women are wrong! The CastelRosè of Castelvecchio is a brut rosé that satisfies glamorous women but also men's palates. Obtained only from Terrano grapes, native fruits of the Carso already known by the ancient Romans, the CastelRosè is a unique sparkling wine. We recommend to drink it very cold while watching the sunset with a special person.

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Molcese is a sweet wine, which comes from white grape raisins, prevalently Istrian Malvasia, together with other white grapes grown by the vineyards. The gold colour intensifies with refinement in the bottle. The wine possesses fine olfactory notes. The perfume is ethereal and intense, with a slight hint of honey; the taste is long-lasting with an amiable and dry taste and a composite bouquet. It accompanies all desserts pleasantly but also average and extensively aged cheeses.

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