The Castelvecchio estate extends just above the town of Sagrado, where the Gorizia karst landscape offers unsuspected vistas of nature and tranquility. The view enjoyed from here is truly unique, and on clear days the eye can sweep at one glance over the whole Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, from the Alps to the sea. The rich landscape suggestions of the area blend with the noble, ancient origins of these places, still borne out in our days by the Renaissance Villa della Torre Hohenlohe, the park dotted with cypresses and age-old oaks, and the vast wooded estate.

Over the years, splendor and ruin have alternated in this land that still poses the challenge of a difficult, arid and rocky soil, with which however the efforts of man can forge unexpected alliances. The parent rock, the scant red earth - rich in iron and lime but poor in organic components - the particular climate and the late harvest are some of the essential elements for a production of limited quantity, but with absolutely unique characteristics.

Today, more than 500 years since the first stone placed by della Torre Family, Leo, Mirella, Lorenzo, Benedetta, and Isabella work here in Castelvecchio. Since 1986 this family has been taking care of this karst lands apparently hostile but able to give wines and products to fall in love with.

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