The Karst is renowned for the historical events that shook Europe and changed the destiny of Italy at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

The portion of the Karst where the Castelvecchio Vineyards are located, in fact, was a theatre of battle of World War I, which took these lands away from the Hapsburg Empire, including the villa itself, which was the headquarters of the Italian command for part of the war. The surrounding area still bears the traces of those battles. It was in this place that Giuseppe Ungaretti wrote Il Porto Sepolto (The Buried Harbor) a collection of poems, during the year he spent at the front. Today Castelvecchio conserves the testimony of these events: from the graffiti left by the soldiers in the hall of the villa, to the trenches and walkways in the woods, which are all intact, visitors can experience several fundamental stages of the glorious and tragic history and culture of the last century.

In order to discover the history of Castelnuovo, the place where the Castelvecchio company is located, we suggest to visit the web site of Associazione Amici di Castelnuovo, a non-profit organization founded with the aim to preserve and enhance the artistic, historical and cultural heritage of these areas.

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